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14 January 2016 - 4:46pm -- office
As the clock ticked into 2016 so  came the fireworks.  They were amazing once again and Sydney and Melbourne's display brought the world into another year.  New year was very hot bringing extreme conditions and there is still plenty more heat to come.   It was devastating to see the results of the fires in Victoria at Scotsburn and Wye River.   With winds of over 100 kms/hour many dust storms have blown up making driving around the Scotsburn area near impossible.  Having lost all the undergrowth to the fires, nothing is holding the dust and top soil down.  Even the Spirit of Tasmania was blown of its moorings and was damaged preventing it crossing to Launceston early January.  We are ever conscious and hope the families in need are getting all the help they require.   At Christmas we had a blooper jar and raised money for the victims but more importantly all day it remind us of what others were going without.   We wish them a speedy recovery.       We hope this year that both the state and federal  governments  will open their cheque books and start spending on commercial projects around Victoria.    Lets hope 2016 brings plenty of work for everyone.    Happy new year and let's hope for a little bit of the cooler weather.