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Ballarat in Autumn - such a beautiful city.

5 February 2015 - 11:44am -- office

Ballarat and the surrounding areas will be very busy during the coming months.  With our fabulous autumn weather, it is Ballarat's time to shine.   Having experienced the magnificent gardens and lake area during our Begonia Festival, the City is at its peak.  The work that goes into having the City look at its sparkling best is a tribute to the Council and the tireless workers.  One of the best parts of the festival weekend was that most of the activities were free and children focused.  It was a real joy to stroll around watching the children at play whether it be in the sand-pit or the maze, having their faces painted or planting a Petunia.  Ballarat - What a fantastic place to live.  

Beautiful Begonia
Ballarat Begonias
Begonia Tree
Lake Wendouree